Our Mission Statement

The KindFora Company was founded by entrepreneurs/moms who recognized the need, and their obligation to inspire, empower, and cultivate a kinder community.

We are curating products that look and feel beautiful, provide a level of safety, and also do good.  With every purchase, the KindFora Company will donate portions of proceeds to various charities, intending to curate Acts of Kindness, and give back to those in need.

To help improve lives through business is our core value.  It is our intention to partner with those who also conduct business in an ethical and kind manner, who share these values, and believe in protecting and nurturing our environment and community. 

At the KindFora Company we firmly believe that the best way to raise children, and to run a business, is to focus on the values of kindness, love, and gratitude.   We work hard to exemplify these values in ourselves and our products. 

As we reflected upon what exactly we had set out to accomplish, we discovered that our true passion is in cultivating kindness; and creating a culture in which kindness shapes our decisions, drives our pursuits, and is intertwined in our very character.